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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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president obama using new tactics. the president now going off script in speeches and ramping up the tough talk. the latest in new meetings and group of six vowing to slow reform down. what about george w. bush? a democrat now suspects the former president had a role in the secret cia program that was kept from congress. we'll talk live with the lawmaker. talking a little too much? conservative radio coming unhinged. >> get off my phone you little pinhead. later, landing on the moon. it's been nearly 40 years since
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they made world history and today, serious claims of life and ufos. >> it was not the time to begin to excite the world about a possible in their minds, alien, craft following us. and disgrace at arlington national cemetery. artifacts reportedly being thrown away. reaction from a veteran's group. plus, the family of scott peterson is asking you to help pay his legal bills. is that crossing the line? all that and more coming up this hour on msnbc. good afternoon. i'm david schuster. >> happy to have you here. i'm tamron hall. in the big picture, the white house is turning up the heat on critics. in about 15 minutes from now, president obama will speak for the fourth consecutive day about
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the importance of getting a bill to his desk before congress leaves town in august. we're going to have a live report coming up. meanwhile, all of this as nancy pelosi saying today that while all sides will be heard, the bill's comes out of the house has just what americans need. >> 100,000 people will have health insurance who didn't before. over $100 million meeting the needs of public health hospitals will be there and just a very few people called upon to help with the revenue stream. it's pretty exciting. it's transformational. it will make a difference. >> mike viqueira live at the white house. when we look at the schedule, the president had no public appearanc appearances, what's going on? >> when we see that we think they're going to pop something on us and it's clear the democrats and president obama are now trying to get ahead of
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this thing the cbo did yesterday. the director telling the white house that the cost, the long-term costs of health care are going to rise as a result of the legislation he's seen so far coming through congress. that dropped like a bombshell here in washington because the purpose of this entire exercise is to do just something about those very costs. to have that cost curve go down, not up. well into the evening, past sun-up today, committees were working on their version of this legislation. two of the three committees handling it came forward with their bills and into the morning, there's still one other committee that's going to be working into the middle of next week. house members sought to get out ahead of that after that bomb was dropped yesterday. now we see president obama making his surprise appearance in the diplomatic room in the course of about 15 minutes.
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you said there were critics they're trying to get, fight back against. it also happens to be many allies under normal circumstances that happen to be critics on health care. we saw a whole herd of house democratic freshmen, about 35 of them, come up the driveway today for a meeting with rahm emanuel. it's a full-court press and they've got their work cut out for them. >> thanks very much. and the white house negotiati negotiation tactics, are they working? they're twisting arms behind the scenes and wrach etting up pressure. here's what the president said at a rally. >> we have talked and talked about fixing health care for decades and we have finally reached a point where inaction is no longer an option.
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where the choice to defer reform is nothing more than a decision to defend is status quo and i will not defend the status quo. we are going to change health care reform. >> joining us live from virginia, alex burns. alex, despite the rhetoric from president obama, the fact that some of these senators were recalcitrant, does the white house now have to change its tune in these direct talks the president is having? >> it does seem like senators are digging in. you had folked yesterday like ben nelson, meet with the president then say we need to slow down. so clearly, the rhetoric is not doing the trick. at the same time, the white house seems to be keeping democrats on a short leash. max baucus said yesterday he wished the president would tone things down, then apologized to
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the white house. >> i had an opportunity to talk to max baucus today and he was cool as a cucumber and confident that there will be some republicans who will get on board. at what point does the white house say we can't keep trusting your word on this? >> there have been reports that the senate democratic leadership has asked senator baucus to stop trying to bring republicans on board. but clearly, the white house is doing what it can to bring republicans onboard. the president also met with senator snowe, corker -- they're trying to play every card. >> you're website has an article about obama getting feisty, about the president no longer reading his speeches.
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we saw that fiery species, governor corzine there, what is the tone here? how is this president obama different from the guy talking about health care a few weeks ago, not realizing that maybe the republicans were getting, their words were hitting more with the american public? >> most of his speeches are still calm and deliberate. we hear him from the white house and rose garden, but there are these moments like we heard this week where he veers off course and knocks his critics, calls him cynics and nay sayers why he has to solve problems. it sounds like he's a little bit frustrated. >> speaking of frustrated, rahm emanuel and david axelrod both said that this white house is willing to push through reform without a single republican if need be. is that the same message the president has been delivering to
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republicans in the private meetings? >> a lot of those details are still sort of coming out, but the white house has defined down what partisanship is. they said they want support on both sides, now there's an open conversation they'll result in whatever they want. >> we've focused a lot on republicans, but mike viqueira mentioned the allies are now a problem. harry reid said it was a waste of money for the ads to come out. democrats criticizing democrats. how hard is the white house willing to come down on the democrats not ready to get behind this president and health care reform? >> i think beyond the ads the dnc is running right now in the key states, it would be tough for them to amp it up further than that. when democrats see the president out like he was yesterday in new jersey, that was a very, very powerful speech he gave for jon corzine. i don't think there are many democrats who wouldn't like to
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have him on their team. >> thank you very much. and again, we are waiting for president obama to talk about health care in just a couple of minutes. this is really, this is intriguing at so many levels. what is he saying to the senators? how is he going to use the bully pulpit today? >> the president said we've talked about talked about fixing health care, his words very strong, so it will be curious to see which president obama we hear in a short while. >> that will be very telling. in the meantime, we'll keep going. calls to investigate the cia are growing as we learn more about the secret program kept from congress. >> eric holder is considering appointing a special prosecutor to see if several interrogators tortured detainees and broke the law.
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joining us now live is jan schakowsky of illinois, one of the lawmakers demanding an investigation. thank you very much for joining us. what is the very latest? we heard an incredible back and forth all week long from all sides. where do you stand right now? >> well, the committee just issued a press release. the chairman is quoted as saying that we will have a full investigation. the committee, the democrats on the committee met this morning and he spoke to the ranking republican -- an investigation is moving forward. my subcommittee will play a major role in that. i head the investigations and oversight subcommittee and we're going to be looking into the program itself. the full committee will be looking into the failure to notify congress and it will be looking at that in a broad way because there are a number of issues, not just this one, where the congress was not informed in
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a timely way and laws may have been broken. >> is that the ultimate goal, to find out if laws have been broken and hold those accountable? >> there are a couple of things. what is the whole process for notifying congress? so that we can do our role. we know in this particular instance with the cia, that the vice president of the united states himself ordered congress not to be told. it appears on the face of it to be a violation of the national security act, but we want to look very closely that the and if there's reason to refer to the justice department, we'll follow that thread where it takes us. it's very important for us to set the record straight going forward that the congress wants to be, needs to be, able to conduct its oversight role. that will be a big part of the investigation as will the sub sense of the program itself initiated in 2001 and not told to us until 2009.
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>> as far as is vice president's involvement to keep this program from congress, do you believe that president bush was involved? >> well, we don't know that yet. that may be one thing we want to look at. what was at the meetings, what was the conversation about? who gave the order and what has happened to that order over the eight years of the program? so we don't know that information now. at the stage we're at, we've asked for documents, all the information. we're in a collection stage and very soon, i hope, i think, as long as we're able to set a timetable, we're going to begin our investigation with hearings. >> liz cheney has been on air, her father has not. her argument if this information had been given to congress, it would have leaked out. the program never got off the ground. their argument basically is that congress can't keep a secret and they were not included because of that reason. >> i think that shows the
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contempt that the last administration had for the congress. the committee does not leak. we take an oath, we have the highest level of security clearance. leaks have not come from the committee, rather more from the administration and some cases from the agencies themselves. it is not their discretion to make that decision. the national security act is to make that clear that congress is to be informed. this is not their decision to make. >> all right. thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. >> so interesting to hear they're moving forward because a lot of democrats say maybe politically, that's not so wise, but clearly, you hear lawmakers who are fed up. they want to know the truth and political chipped be damned. >> if you've got one side that doesn't want to move forward and then those that want to, where
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do they meet in the middle? >> interesting. we're getting a new look at nasa's oil tanker explosion. cameras captured the crash. flames shot above and melted the overpass. the highway is expected to remain closed until next week. we're going to keep an eye on the white house and bring you president obama. this was not a planned event. we just got word a short time ago the president would be speaking about health care reform. if you're like a lot of people, you have high blood pressure... and you have high cholesterol. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients...
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thanks! no problem!
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and those are live pictures of the white house.
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we're expecting president obama to talk about hemt care. the tone is going to be intriguing because the president had essentially no schedule today. those remarks come on the heels the president's been having with groups of senators and one on one with republican senators as well. not a lot has leaked out in terms of the tone, but it's worth noting that the white house has been much tougher this week saying it would go it alone if need be. but the president would love to have republicans aboard. >> we'll bring it to you as soon as the president gets there. in the meantime, family and friends gather for a private fufrl this afternoon for that florida couple known for adopting 12 children with special needs. they were killed last week during a robbery at their home. eight people have been charged and authorities say more arrests are possible. before today's funeral, a family
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spokesman released a statement saying the safe stolen contained only children's prescription medication, family documents and some jewelry of sent mental value. now to the latest from indonesia. >> at least eight people are dead in bomb attacks at two american luxury hotels. suicide bombers struck elemen y sy. the video shows the bomber walking through the lobby with a suitcase. seconds later, a huge explosion hit. more now on the attacks and who might be behind them. >> reporter: the picture e merngs from the invest is of a chillingly well-planned attack. the bombers checked in perhaps as early as wednesday. they took a room on the 18th floor of the marriott.
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their command room as the police call it. it was there they assembled the bomb before taking it down this morning. as for who is responsible, suspicion is falling on ji. this is the regional terror group associated with the bali bombing. it appears to have been dormant. the indonesians have been successful in fighting this group and have appeared to have put this terror behind them. the security at the hotels now has been very, very tight, which is why it's so worrying why this group did manage to get in there and did manage to set off these
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bombs. the president of indonesia today was visibly shaken by what's happened. he really did think that indonesia has turned to corner and now of course, there's a great deal of concern there. back to you. >> wow. >> we're following another story. developing news on what happened to michael jackson's three children. this afternoon, attorneys involved in the jackson guardianship case are scheduled to hold a conference call with the judge. jeff rossen spoke exclusively with his spiritual adviser. she said jackson wanted the children to live with his mother. his second choice was diana ross. also, the coroner's office now says there's been a delay in completing the full autopsy report. it could be another two weeks before we learn the results of the test. initially, they said it would take about six weeks. it's been three.
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that would still be in the time frame they announced. and we're waiting for president obama to talk about health care. the negotiations, where things stand. this comes against the crucial week as bills are coming out of committee and being marked up. how is the president going to handle it today? we'll show you his remarks coming up. to redefine air travel for a new generation. to ensure our forces are safer and stronger. to take the world we share to tomorrow and beyond. announcer: around the globe, the people of boeing are working together-- to make a difference. that's why we're here. come on in. you're invited to the chevy open house. where getting a new vehicle is easy. because the price on the tag is the price you pay on remaining '08 and '09 models.
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we are again waiting for president obama to step through that door where he's going to deliver brief remarks on health care reform. again, a crucial week. as soon as the president comes out, we'll bring that to you live. we've all seen the money made when stadiums and teams sell naming rights. >> but this one, pretty interesting. according to a report in politico, the american conservative union asked fedex
3:27 pm
for 2 to $3 million in return to get favorable op-eds and news articl articles. it was found in a letter to fou fedex. they are currently battling over a provision in congress that would expand union power. here's the dirt. when fedex refused the offer, the american conservative union reportedly made a deal with ups. then accused fedex of quote, misleading the public and ledge -- >> are they just arm twisting? that's kind of nasty. >> well, if those details are accurate, it is pay to play. >> the next they get called by this group to deliver a package.
3:28 pm
>> we're waiting as we try to figure out exactly what that was about. the president was not scheduled to have any public appearances, but as the debate over health care reform has presented a different side. his rhetoric has been tougher. he said is the time and time can't be wasted. we'll bring his remarks to you as soon as as he steps through that door.
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barrel. citigroup surprised wall street reporting a $3 billion profit for the second quarter. it's the fourth large bank to do so. the gain came from the sale of the smith barney unit and increased value of riskier asset. a judge has released a case against maverick's owner. the judge however has given 30 days to file an amended complaint. back to msnbc. welcome back, everyone. i'm tamron hall live in new york. >> i'm david schuster alongside tamron. president obama's going to speak any minute now on health care
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reform. the big picture at this hour, disgrace at arlington national cemetery. a sign outside asks visitors to remember these are hallowed grounds and to conduct yourself with dignity and respect at all times. but yesterday, we talked with someone who's investigative piece looked at how graves remain -- >> the vietnam memorial, every letter found at the wall. but at arlington's section 60, where 600 are buried, cards and personal items left often ended up in the trash. joining us now, founder and executi executive director. a lot of people responded to this report.
3:34 pm
what is your response? >> it's outrage. we've got 600 of our brothers and sisters buried there. it's an incredibly important part of our country's heritage, to the families of the fallen. we need the army to get involved. >> there is an investigation underway and at least the deputy director overseeing, brought up some serious allegations toward him including fraud, but had you heard about this before? many, many families go there every day. >> over the last few weeks, there have been rumors. we heard about the stories of power washing some of the headstones. the vietnam wall does do a good job of keeping them in an environmentally controlled area. they can do exactly is same at arlington. >> from what i understand, our
3:35 pm
military does a pretty good job of most things, computerizing records, keeping track of where people are in the system, but the idea that arlington national cemetery would be trying to keep track of its records on pieces of paper is crazy. >> it is. it's behind the times. they've been trying to push forward, but are behind. i hope this gives them the motivation to do that. we need to track everything down to the smallest detail. they zefr the best and we've got to make it happen quickly. >> nbc asked arlington to respond and they say military grounds are an important way to which we continue to pay respects to our nation's service members resting at arlington national cemetery. certain allowances have been made to the sensitivity the section. please refer to department army pamphlet for regulations.
3:36 pm
you hear so much, especially after 9/11 and the start of these wars. you have to support and love these troops. what does this say? >> it's a slap in the face and crosses partisan lines. i've got three guys that i serve with that are buried there. we go there every time we're in town. these are my brothers and need to be taken care of at the highest level. >> thank you for coming. again, it's outrageous and paul points out, when people leave things, sometimes they're metals, ribbons, things that have value. and that these things end up in the trash, it's horrifying. the space shuttle "endeavour" docked just over an hour ago. before docking, "endeavour" did a back flip so its belly could be checked for damage. insulation broke up during the
3:37 pm
lift-off and struck the tiles. so far, nasa says the damage is minor. and monday marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most exciting events in history. >> yesterday, nasa released new video to mark the anniversary of lift-off. the pictures are much clearer than the original broadcast in 1969. armstrong was soon joined by buzz aldrin. every sense the mission, there have been questions about what the astronauts say on their way to the moon. i discussed that with the america's second man on the moon. >> we want to talk about the 40th anniversary and what it was like being on the moon, but i want to start with something that happened the day before. july the 19th.
3:38 pm
you see something outside the window of the space module that surprised you. take us from there. >> well, it was not the day before the landing. it was actually the evening of lift-off if you're referring to a light out the window that could have been the upper stage of the rocket, could have been four panels that moved away. but we kind of did not alarm people back on earth. we just cautiously asked houston where the upper stage rocket was and after they came back and told us it was 6,000 miles away, we naturally figured we were looking at one of those four panels, but it was not the time to begin to excite the world about possible in their minds, alien craft following us to the moon. >> i have a feeling the world appreciates you, but when you
3:39 pm
got the response from houston, that the final stage rocket was 6,000 nautical miles away, did that make sense with what you were seeing? >> well, yes, it did. because there were four panels that went in four different directions just sort of drifting away. and they would be relatively close and would be illuminated by the sun. where as a rocket 6,000 miles away, we probably wouldn't even see it. it was no surprise. i think what i thought was the debriefing when we came back was public knowledge and that everybody paid attention to the fact we explained all of this the day we came back and had our believing. but evidently, some of the ufo people felt like they were left out of the loop.
3:40 pm
that's not our fault. we report what we see and pass judgment on it and kind of hate to see these gullible people fanned by the media that want to make sensation out of something that's rather routine. >> excuse me. still, the question lingers and we'll have more of my interview on monday. >> i was hoping he said he saw e.t. >> that's monday, here on msnbc, the 40th anniversary. 40 years since man landed on the moon. another story, pope benedict is recovering from a broken wrist. he left the hospital in northern italy where he had surgery to repair his right wrist. he actually slipped and fell at a chalet in the italian alps.
3:41 pm
a dramatic rescue caught on tape outside of atlanta. police officers rushed into the flames to rescue a disabled woman and her daughter after the van caught fire. the officers just happened to be driving by at the right time, literally dragging the mom to safety there. we are waiting for president obama to talk at the white house. he's going to be talking about health care, this was scheduled late today. there was not on his schedule. it was scheduled for 3:15 and they're 25 minutes late, but as soon as the president talks, we'll bring it to you. we'll bring you the president's remarks when they happen. you're watching msnbc. at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis. so i've come to this court to challenge his speed. ...on the internet. i'll be using the 3g at&t laptopconnect card. he won't.
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breaking news in the world of golf. we all hit double, tiger woods,
3:45 pm
he has missed the cut at golf's british open for only the second time in his professional career. made a 4 over 74 today. that's in schusterland. tiger has not made the cut and this comes just weeks after he won a tournament he was mohosti in washington. >> second time in his professional career. interesting. we're also keeping an eye on the white house where the president is expected to speak shortly. nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house. we're trying to really convey the tone here and that the president was not supposed to have any public appearances and now, we hear he's going to speak about health care. there's been a lot of the behind the scenes, back and forth, even with his own party here. >> reporter: the president has tried to be out front. trying to make appearances every
3:46 pm
day this week. literally, every day this week, talking about health care, trying to keep the pressure on these members of congress. having senators who may be on the fence in for talks. today, we saw a large group of freshman marching up to meet with rahm emanuel. at least they have a plan they're working on which is moving forward which will probably be on the floor before august. in the senate, god knows what's going on. they've been behind closed doors for days now and yesterday, this revelation that the costs were going to rise over the course of the long-term as opposed to s sync, really dropped a bomb. before that, we were talking
3:47 pm
about how to pay for it in the short-term. house democrats have come up with a plan to put a surcharge on the wealthiest of americans. in addition to streamlining procedures within government-run health care programs, there are already exists things like medicare. they thought within the white house, they had come up with a formula to do that. this issue of health care in general is a separate issue. there are many who advocate health care benefits, among them, the cbo director. house democrats say it's a nonstarter. house democrats say they campaigned against it when it was made by john mccain. so a lot of the different things tugging these members of congress and the president in different directions and a lot of hand-holding required. clearly, the white house is very
3:48 pm
eager as our house democrats, to get out ahead of this new cbo revelation and change the conversation. >> david was flying in today from d.c. he saw max baucus who seemed confident. david described him as cool and pretty assured that something would happen with health care reform. this president, some say he perhaps will not be reelected if something does not happen with health care. give us, from your perspective, will this happen this year? how in peril is health care reform? >> reporter: this will potentially affect how the 300 million american citizens will receive health care. democrats appear to have passed the point of no return. the president's neck is way out there. this is one of his priorities.
3:49 pm
something he's talked about every day for weeks now, trying to keep the heat on these members of congress. everybody remembers what happened in 1993, was it, during the so-called hillary care debacle. remember when bob dole stood on the senate floor with the clinton health care initiative and said it looks like the new york subway map? we saw republicans trying to do that. they say this is going to be an unjustified tax on small businesses. this is something that is, they are going to go to the mat over. it is a high stakes gain. the political stakes could not be higher and the public policy question could not be higher. >> and the question question, the president going to come out this afternoon, guns blazing. because rahm emanuel, david axelrod, both said in separate interviews, the white house will push forward health care even if
3:50 pm
not a single republican is there to support it. we saw the president's remarks last night that we've been waiting and waiting and it's time to pass health care. this new report, that the current plans are going to be far more expensive than people thought, does the president then step back or continue the harsh negotiating approach? >> reporter: tamron mentioned your encounter with max baucus. >> the plane, not the train. he flew in. >> reporter: the thing that democrats are trying to project here, move along, nothing to see here. this is part of the process. we've all heard the analogies to making sausage. we're going to get this done, don't worry about it and you better believe that behind the scenes, arms are being twisted.
3:51 pm
they're trying to calm the waters here a little bit, but you did see the president and granted, he was there raising money for jon corzine, the democratic governor of new jersey, but the president was you know, he was off the hook last night, to use a phrase. he was really energetic, very forceful and i don't think we'll see quite that level of energy in this setting right here, but it's clear the democrats are worried and understand the need to get the hammer going. >> thanks so much. we've been talking about the language between the president and congress, but there's also this whole sort of area of langua langua language besides the president and congress. remember the old adage of being able to disagree without being disagreeable?
3:52 pm
>> but i don't think people who listen to certain radio stations believe that. six months harsh political discourse against him really amped up and people started to push the boundaries of what might be considered decency from talk radio to the tea parties we saw with pretty offensive signs people were holding. the anger has certainly intensified. >> listen to glenn beck make his case against health care. >> in this world -- >> in this world. >> that that doesn't have health care. >> and we are the only country in the world where leaders come from every other country to get health care when they can't get the right kind of health care in their own country. >> i'm asking you a logical question and -- >> i'm giving you a logical answer. >> you don't have logic. every time you people bring up costs, you don't care about the trillions of dollars to bail out the banks and all the credit card companies. >> kathy, get off my phone!
3:53 pm
get off my phone, you little pinhead! >> wow. so are the political attacks, is the language, is the discourse going too far and does it have real consequences? we will take up that issue coming up in our next hour right here on msnbc. >> imagine if we talked to our viewers like that. >> wow. >> get off -- all right. we're waiting on the president to come out. he is expected to talk about health care reform, where the talks are right now. we're paying particular attention to the president's tone in that some of the behind-the-scenes arm twisting certainly getting intense. we'll bring you president obama's remarks as soon as he steps up to the mike. to connect the world. airplanes that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. and make nonstop travel possible to more places.
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now that's progressive. call or click today. any minute now president obama will deliver remarks on health care. we will bring those to you live. this comes at a crucial time. the president's tone will be intriguing to watch, and again
3:57 pm
when the president speaks, we will bring those remarks to you live. and, david, in today's "crossing the line," a killer wants your help. no, really. a killer wants your help a man convicted of killing his pregnant wife wants your help in his court appeal. that man, scott peterson. remember him? peterson, according to reports, has decided to move forward with an appeal of his 2002 conviction for murdering his wife, lacy. peterson's family have created a website where they're trying to come up with $95,000 to pay just some of his attorney's fees. the website gives you the option to pay with visa, mastercard, am ex or discover, and the site asks you to donate for lacy connor the child she was carrying, and, of course, scott. a website asking for your money? it's one thing to believe your
3:58 pm
family member is innocent. is it another though to actually ask others to pay for his defense? crossing the line? well, you tell me. you can let us know at, and, david, we have a quick update on yesterday's crossing the line. that, of course, was the story out of pembroke pines, florida, where a homeowner's association wanted a family to take down a cross. taylor's family says this cross stopped cancer from spreading in her body. the problem, according to the homeowner's association, the cross was 2 1/2 inches bigger than the rules allowed. well, update. the association has had a change of heart. the cross stays. so they obviously realize they were crossing the line. cross, cross. there you have it. >> very good. it is almost tamron, 4:00 on the east coast. here is what we have coming up at the top of the hour. president obama is expected to talk about health care at some point. it was added to the president's
3:59 pm
schedule at the last minute. as soon as it happens, we will bring it to you live. south carolina governor mark sanford's communication director and spokesman quits his job. what will sanford do over hthe latest callses for him to resign over money. sonia sotomayor is picking up support from some republicans. we'll tell you which one. and goldman sachs just reported a huge profit for the second quarter, but according to analysts, there's a reason. they have been manipulating the market since the great depression according to these analysts. all that ahead on msnbc. 4m4m


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